Achievements Club 30% Chile & Mexico


“More voices need to be heard at

the boardroom table, especially in

challenging times”

The pandemic has impacted the female talent

pipeline which in combination with global social

disruption is forcing diversity to be at the top of

the boardroom agenda.

It is under this context, that the Chilean and

Mexican chapters have joined efforts to adapt

and present alternatives to continue promoting

talent and diversity to strengthen our position

across boundaries.

In our local markets, we recognize that there is

still a long journey before we reach at least 30% of

female participation at boards. This is the reason

why we are taking advantage of the window

of opportunities that markets abroad open for

Latinas, which are considered minorities.

We want to share the achievements along the
past months as well as to announce that, both
chapters recently consolidated a partnership
with theBoardlist and Cornerstone Group. The
first, is a unique dynamic platform based in San
Francisco, California, that has placed over 10,000
high caliber female candidates in US Boards. This
relationship provides a robust visibility with their
partners which include among others, Nasdaq.
The second one is a highly recognized Global
Executive Search Firm that will assess participants
to ensure their board readiness skills, so that our
members can endorse the candidates to the
type of board that matches their profile.
This effort is currently led by María Pía Aqueveque
from Chile and Claudia Corona from Mexico. We
expect to have our first list of candidates during
the first half of 2022.

María Pía Aqueveque

Chair of the 30% Club Chile & Member

of the Global Advisory Board at WISeKey.



The 30% Club Chile was launched in
September 2019, supported by Antofagasta
Minerals and EY Chile with the aim to
facilitate a collaborative platform of local
and international best practices that could
support Chairs and CEOs, in particular at IPSA
and IGPA companies, to accelerate in the
incorporation of more women in their boards
and leadership positions. IPSA companies
achieved 14% female participation on
their boards of directors, 4.6% more than
the previous year. Through the Investor
Group, we are working to support the asset
management ecosystem with worldwide
best practices in the importance of diversity
as a ESG investment strategy.
We are proud to announce that through
partnerships we have been able to strengthen
our Board Readiness, MBA Scholarships and
Cross Company Mentoring Program. And we
plan to continue consolidating them from
a local and international scope. In order to
expand our international value proposal, we
have established ties with 30% Club Chapters
in other continents and as a result we hosted
an event with Chairs of the UK and Italian
Chapter. Here below is a summary of some
of our 2021 achievements and more to come.

Inter-Company Mentoring Program Club

30% : in collaboration with WoomUp. The
first version was launched in 2021 with the
participation of 152 participants, 51 mentors
(15 women and 36 men) and 51 mentees in
total from the member companies: Anglo
American, Antofagasta Minerals, Colbún,
MasterCard Chile and Walmart Chile. Chairs
and CEOs of these companies participated
as mentors. This January 14th we are
launching the second version of the program
were four companies participate with their
organizations (Anglo American, Antofagasta
Minerals, MasterCard Chile and Walmart
Chile). Most of the members of these
organisations will participate as mentors.
And in this opportunity our members CEO
of AES Andes, Aguas Andinas, The Coca-
Cola Company and the Managing Director
of Stanton Chase accept the invitation to
participate as mentors.

MBAs Scholarship Program with more than
six half scholarships for MBAs from five
programs (2 local and three international) at
Adolfo Ibañez University and one program
at Diego Portales University, for any woman
who meets the admission process for
each program. This year two women were
beneficiaries of our scholarships and the
program has been operated by Accenture.
For 2022, we are planning to expand the
scholarships to Master on Innovation and
Technology programs.

Board Readiness Scolarship Program we
have provided for one full scholarship for
the program “Effective Boards of Directors”

organized by EY and the Chilean Institute

of Directors. There’s also a seventy five

percent scholarship for the program “Board

of Women” run by Women Entrepreneur

(Mujeres Empresarias) in alliance with

Cambridge Business Association. Ten

women were awarded scholarship under this



“Diversity in the digital era: Breaking

paradigms” in collaboration with MasterCard

Chile, in which we talked about the

opportunities and challenges that currently

exist to advance on diversity and gender

inclusion issues within companies. The

event was hosted by our member Patricio

Sandoval, Country Manager MasterCard

Chile & Paraguay and as panelist the Chairs

of the 30% Club in different countries. Ann

Cairns, Global Chair 30% Club & Vice Chair

MasterCard; Stefano Rebattoni, President

30% Club Italy & CEO IBM Italy; and María

Pía Aqueveque Jabbaz, Chair 30% Club

Chile & Global Advisory Board WISeKey SA

participated in the activity.


CEOs Event “Collaborate to move forward”.

The event was hosted by our member,

Gonzalo Gebara, CEO of Walmart Chile. Other

participants in the conversation were Roberta

Valenca, Multi Country CEO for Chile, Bolivia

& Paraguay of The Coca-Cola Company;

Thomas Keller, CEO of Colbún; Nicolás

Goldstein, Managing Director of Accenture;

and Marta Colet, CEO of Aguas Andinas.


The Mexican chapter is in its early stages. It

launched in December 2020 and has set a solid

footprint with members, reaching around 50

companies to promote female talent within

and outside their own organization. We have

also strengthened our partnerships with

Women Economic Forum, Ipade, Egade,

Dalia Empower, Mercer, theBoardlist to offer

tools for enabling future women leaders.


We are proud to mention that the new Stock

Exchange BIVA, together with BMV are now

participating in our statistics, Women On

Board’s participation has increased to nearly

10% from 6.5% of previous year. We plan to

continue consolidating our presence locally

and internationally to present joint efforts

and also to enrich teams diversity across our

nearby chapters.


Finally, we are honoured to announce that

Mr. José Octavio Reyes Lagunes, a high

calibre member, accepted our invitation to

participate as Chair to continue this advocacy

role. Here below is a summary of our 2021

achievements and more to come.

Claudia Corona
Co-Chair of the 30% Club Mexico & Board Member
at AEM (The Mexican Entrepreneur Association)

Intercompany Cross Mentoring Program:


This is led in conjunction with Moving Ahead,

and has had a very positive impact with over

190 participants and 17 companies. This

is the first time that 2/3 of our mentors are

male. Our first cohort will end on Feb’22 and

we plan to continue providing this program

during the 2H’22.

Investor Group: Head Pablo Casaux.


We are currently onboarding investors into

the group and plan to formally activate

the investor group once we have 5 formal


Our potential key partners include the

Interamerican Development Bank and the

two stock exchanges BIVA and BMV. We

have co- organized with the latter, webinars

targeted to listed companies to promote: (i)

The case for diversity as a business case,

(ii) The building blocks for developing

corporate purpose on gender equality and

(iii) Disclosure.

We have also pitched the 30% Club campaign

at meetings with the Mexican Pension Funds

Association (both at high level as well as to

their Sustainability committee) and the funds


HR Best Practices Group: Head Sandrine

The group is founded under three main
pillars: Corporate, Professional and Personal
to attend to specific needs at diverse levels.
In the 2Q’21, we invited our members to an
onboarding session with Bloomberg’s Gender
Equality Index (GEI) Team. As a result, this year
Mexican companies ranked second globally
(after the US) in number of new companies
that have started reporting to this Index.
Also, during this period, Mexico delivered a
pilot program of the I am remarkable Course,
an original Google initiative, led by Gemma
Godoy, where Chile’s Chair also participated.
We partnered with Mercer to present
a study regarding the gender pay gap
and the differences between companies’
pledges and their actions to establish six
recommendations. These have already been
circulated with our members to work on the
2022 agenda as well as on the toolkits that will
be developed accordingly. This is an effort
led by Pilar Brogeras from Stanton Chase
and Sandrine Dupriez from Expanscience.