Welcome to the 30% Club

A business-led campaign to boost female representation at board and C-Suite level in the world’s biggest companies



What is the 30% Club?

Founded by Baroness Helena Morrissey in November 2010 and globally led by Ann Cairns from Mastercard, the 30% Club is a campaign group of CEOs and Chairs taking action to increase gender diversity at board levels.

The Club aims to improve organizational culture and inclusion by developing a diverse pool of talent for all businesses through the efforts of their CEO and Chair members. It supports voluntary diversity targets aimed at realizing meaningful, sustainable change (i.e. does not support mandatory quotas).

Why 30% matters?

30% is the relevant point at which it is said that “a large minority can make a difference, even if it is still a minority”.

As per Rosabeth M. Kanter (1), critical mass is the theory that women and racial or ethnic minorities are unlikely to have an impact in the boardroom until they grow from a few tokens into a considerable minority of the board.



1) Rosabeth Moss Kanter holds the Ernest L. Arbuckle Professorship at Harvard Business School, specializing in strategy, innovation, and leadership for change

Global Mision

At least 30% representation of all women on all boards and C-suites globally.

How will we achieve it? These are our three strategic pillars…



Activate Chairs & CEOs as members


Influence those with power

to drive change



Enable future women leaders


The global campaign seeks to encourage organizations to treat diversity like any other business objective and asks members to commit to:

  • Measure their baseline

  • Setting a 30% aspirational target of female participation at board level

  • Driving progress towards that target

Benefits for Joining
the Club

  • International Platform where diverse teams, universities, members, organizations collaborate in six continents and building up lessons learned
  • It gives a Visibility under a standardized goal to achieve a minimum of 30% female participation in different positions


  •  Access to Global Forums for understanding different points of view and forging relationships. (ie: Women’s Forum, UN Global Compact, UN Women)
  • Offers a strong Network of highly
    alented professionals across different backgrounds, cultures, positions
  • Provides Learning Programs to establish cross functional mentoring and sponsorship schemes.
  • Offers Online Platforms for publishing best practices and updated information to promote diversity


30% Club Mexico First Event

27 feb 2023