Mexico joined in Dec’20 the 30% Club to achieve at least 30% representation of women on all boards and C-Suites by 2025.

The long term benefits make the members take this challenge to change the paradigm as Mexico needs companies more inclusive, more attractive to investors and more sustainable. Research shows that:


 “Companies whose leaders welcome diverse talents and include multiple perspectives are likely to emerge from the crisis stronger.” (1)


 “Improving gender equality represents an opportunity for social and economic development….closing the gender gap in the labor force offers an opportunity to increase the total global GDP by USD 12 trillion and to add USD 0.8 trillion, or an additional 70 percent, to Mexico’s GDP.” (2)




(1) “Diversity Wins”, McKinsey May 2020 


(2) One-aspiration-two realities McKinsey Nov. 2018




We look for leaders willing to make a change and build a legacy.

30% Club in LATAM

The 30% Club in LATAM is present in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.


We recognize that there is a huge amount of work to do in our country as women’s participation on Boards is still behind our target. Nevertheless, here below we can start measuring our efforts which are supported by Centro de Investigación de la Mujer en la Alta Dirección (CIMAD) from IPADE, Instituto Mexicano de Competencia (IMCO) and Ezentia.




Women's participation on boards

Women’s participation on boards








Upcoming Events

30% Club Mexico Chapter cross-company mentoring program, closing hybrid event

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