Investor Group

The 30% Club Investor Group members will play a key role to achieve the goals of women participation in Boards and Senior Management. Institutional investors, particularly their corporate governance specialists, are in a unique position to lobby for change and advance the clear business case for better gender diversity on boards.

The initiative in Mexico will be led by institutions that will provide not only credibility but the authority to collaborate for building up the capacity among those in power to influence and bring change.

Asset owners and asset managers, are responsible for the stewardship of the investments made on behalf of our members and clients. Part of that responsibility includes the assessment of the boards and senior management teams of our investee companies.

The group will: coordinate the investment community’s approach to gender diversity; exercise our ownership rights, including voting and engagement, to effect change on company boards and within senior management teams; encourage all investors to engage on the issue of board diversity with chairs and management teams.

In particular, the group will explain the investment case for more diverse boards and to consider diversity when voting on the appointment and re-election of board members.